Friday, June 17, 2011

Don't Play the Dealer's Game When Buying Automobile Parts

Maybe this sounds familiar to you – for years your car or SUV has been running just fine. You've stayed on top of regular maintenance, and even gone the extra distance to keep it running great. Then one day you get behind the wheel and notice that something just isn't right. You try to steer, and there's either too much play in the steering wheel, or it's just to tight. So you take it in to the dealer to get the remanufactured steering parts you need – only to have your jaw hit the floor from massive sticker shock.

You're Not Alone
If a situation like that sounds painfully familiar, know that you are not alone. It's not easy to get the best steering parts at a good price from dealerships. After all, the dealers make the majority of their money from the parts and service area, so they're not about to lower prices. But there's finally a way for you to get the best remanufactured steering parts, at a price that puts the dealerships to shame.

Your Go-To Parts Resource
To get around the high costs, all you have to do is go to They are the online experts at providing the best steering parts for your car. They even give you the exact same parts that the dealership sells, but they don't overcharge you to get them. So if you've finally had your fill of paying the local car dealership too much for parts, or being short changed at the local auto-parts dealer, be sure to check out to get those same, quality parts at the fairest price around. You'll be glad you did.

Passat CC R-Line Steering Wheel RetrofitImage by jaronbrass via Flickr
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