Friday, August 12, 2011

Beat the Heat: Car Air Conditioner Problems

If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic during the hot summer months without air conditioning, you know how dreadful that situation can be. Cars are typically 10 to 20 degrees hotter than the temperature outside. So when it’s 80 degrees outside, you can do the math and figure out that it’s VERY hot inside your car.

While some air conditioning issues can be resolved with a simple Freon charge, the most common source of these problems is usually Automobive Air Conditioner Compressors. When the compressor is having issues, little to no cold air will circulate throughout your car. Some people even go so far as to get their Freon charged several times a year, and never even know that it is their car’s compressor that’s causing the problem.

If you just can’t get your car’s AC blasting out that cool, frigid air that feels so good on a piping hot day, it may be time to check out the Automobile Air Conditioner Compressors at Yes, this company is the same one that’s know around the world for offering the best remanufactured steering parts, but they are also the top company for remanufactured car AC compressors too.

So save yourself form the heat and get to the root of your car’s cooling problems. Don’t go in for another expensive Freon charge, when the real culprit is a bad compressor. You can check for your make and model right on the website and have the part you need shipped out to get your air conditioner functioning once again. And then you’ll never have to feel like you’re melting away when you get stuck in traffic on a hot summer day.

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