Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rack and Pinion Steering Causing You Problems?

Rack and pinion steering is by far the most common type of steering on automobiles today. And because it is so prevalent, there are lots of rack and pinion repairs and replacements that take place on any given day. If you need a steering rack replacement, but aren’t sure what your options are, it pays to get some insider info before you go through with getting your replacement done.

Dealership Repairs

If you take your car to the dealership garage, there’s a good chance that they have the steering rack you need on hand. Unfortunately, though, these places charge a high premium for all of the parts that they sell. And the bill gets even higher if you have them replace the rack for you. Between labor and part costs, you could be looking at a pretty hefty bill.

The Alternative

If you know how to put in the steering rack replacement parts for yourself, you can save money on labor. But did you know you can also save a lot on the part prices too? Of course, you have to know the right resource to buy your steering rack from, and that resource is They are considered the worldwide leader in remanufactured steering parts, and they have racks for every make and model around. The money you’ll save by buying your parts from, and installing the parts yourself can really add up to a substantial chunk of change.

Even if you don’t want to do the install for yourself, some mechanics will let you order the part for yourself, and they will take care of the labor. So you can still save a lot of money by ordering your remanufactured steering rack from
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